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Hosting with a twist

....the twist being that you pay us instead of someone else.

$10/month with $10 setup
$110/yearly ($0 setup, one month free!)

This hosting plan is designed for small, non-dynamic sites which do not require server-side scripting or database capabilities. If at any time your site grows or you want to add some features, you can upgrade to any other plan and only pay the difference. You may also add bandwidth and disk storage as needed without switching plans.

Each Bitstreamworks site comes with an easy to use web interface. The interface allows you to create users, monitor server activity and more.

Each user can be given their own disk quota, web space, access rights and email accounts. You can also define ftp access. Use the web interface to check email, check on disk usage, backup the web site, etc.

This package is $10 per month with a $10 setup fee. If you pre-pay for a year or more, we will waive the setup fee and you will get one month free.